Thursday, May 20, 2010

oops. And yay.

I had these really REALLY ugly white ked tennis shoes. Like... they were hideous. I never wore them, and I didn't intend on it, either. So, using the tutorial here, I made them look cool. Today, I was finishing the painting, and I was wearing my black tanktop. It is a really cool shirt- it's a black ribbed tanktop, with the words "I'M NOT SHY, i'm just quietly observing my prey" on it. And I got BLUE FABRIC PAINT ON IT!! I was (am) so ticked at myself.
lets just hope it'll wash out soon.

Also, I think I have a "job" (it only really lasts for about three days). It is for cleaning out a savanna restoration thing, and I'll most likely be working on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, next week, along with my friend Matthew.


Mizz Ali said...

LOL! thats soo cool!

SEP said...

Cool cool! I want that tanktop :-P