Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh my gosh, I've already used that title...

You know it's sad when you go and write a title for your post, and it's already been used. For example, I've already used the title "Hello, and sorry for the wait!". That's depressing. Anyway.

So, I really am sorry about not posting anything of any value what so ever.... I've been taking a small break from blogging. Updates that are going on: My mom is writing her book again... (it sounds pretty cool..), I am writing my book again (of course it's amazing), and... I'm almost thirteen!! (not the word "almost") my birthday isn't until the twenty eighth. :P My friend Vivian's birthday has already passed, however. Yay for her, she's the same age as me... for a little while. *evil laugh* *sings happy birthday song*

My cousin's birthday is coming up, too... so let's all wish a happy birthday to Mary Bridget!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY BRIDGET!!! (not that she reads this blog, or anything... :P but I can email all the happy birthdays to her. :D )

So... yeah.. birthdays. My Aunt's birthday was recently... so.. many, many birthdays. :P

sorry for the long post... the long, and now that I realize it, boring, random, pointless post. sorry!! and farewell!!! *waves*

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*Vienna* said...

Happy b-day well when it comes lol