Monday, March 15, 2010

My (finished) Synopsis!!!

1692, Salem, Massachusetts. To Kezia Dustin, a 14 year-old servant girl, it seems that everyday brins more and more terror, as report after report of witchcraft come pouring into her town. When Kezia's mistress, a real witch named Lyndia, is accused, Kezia knows she has to save her from the horrible fate that awaits Lyndia, and all those accused.

Soon Kezia's optimism is the only thing keeping her from giving up. When a plan made by an actual wicked witch is discovered, it brings despair that puts even Kezia's formerly unwavering hope to the test. The question now, is can Kezia win?

please please please please give me constructive critisism. I really need help with it... would you read this book???

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