Sunday, December 27, 2009

la lala la lala

hullo everyone. :D
well, I'm still at my grandparent's house. we are going to be leaving today.
Soooo. mostly, I posted to complain about my brother, Kenneth. He keeps joking about Bilbo. If you don't remember/know who Bilbo (actually, his name was Bilbo Baggins) was, he was my old dog. my mom and dad had him when I was born, and he died, I think about a year ago. Anyway. I really loved Bilbo, he was my dog, after all. and now Ken keeps saying stuff like "how's Bo???" and "How old is Bilbo?" and "Where is Bilbo?" and it bothers me. Ken probably doesn't remember Bo all that much, but still. gah! It's annoying. I hope that when I die, people don't joke around like that about me.

right now I'm listening to: Turn To Stone by: ELO

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Cat said...

merry christmas (belated)
aww that's to bad that your brother is joking about Bo... I remember him quite well, he was sweet. I'm sorry :(