Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, and, guess what?! HOMEWORK.

hi! happy Easter! right now I am taking a break from doing my homework. I have American history class tomorrow, and I haven't done anything, but I have been working on it, now I have read the selection once, and done one and 1/2 questions out of four! yay me!
this is (as homework goes) what I still have to do today!
a work sheet.
three more questions in lesson 26, for further study
correct my quiz for lesson 26.
Research the "Follow-up Activities" on the Post-War USA video sheet.
after that I am done!
(I also want to catch up on my French, I found a really good site, here is the link.)
anyway, thats about it, my om planned this really giant dinner for tonight, with ham, and desert, and my grandparents brought a cake, which makes two deserts!

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Cat said...

I finished all my homework last week, except my 'for further study' questions- I finished those this morning.

hope you had a good easter! :D