Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am home.

hi people.
how are you?
I am good.
so whats up?
nothing much here, wait, yes there is!
Valerie has caught a toad, I served church this morning.
and last night I saw the LATEST INDIANA JONES MOVIE!
it was NOT very good, at least I didn't like it.
it had aliens in it.
it was TOTALLY creepy! there were all the sculls that made a man go insane.
well, thats about all, wait, we were OUTSIDE when we watched it.
it was hosted by the CLC (college of Lake County)
today I am going to get more fish, and a snail (if I have money left over) and if I still have money left over (I doubt it) I am going to buy myself a new H.C.! I will refer to Hermit Crabs as H.C. it is just easier. so, yeah.
do you like my picture that goes with my profile?
I was doing math I think, or handwriting.
those earrings were clip on, I didn't have my ears pierced then.
I made them too.
my aunt Laura gave me this wire jewelery kit, and i made the earrings with them.
-A *~*

1 comment:

Trilly said...

Wow! That's really cool making your own earrings!

I don't have earrings >.<

Talk to you later!