Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Hi! these are my thirteen things I want for Christmas.
  • a note book (or two.) that have cool covers
  • stuff to set up a cage for an anole
  • a time turner from Harry Potter
  • a twenty gallon fish tank
  • guardians of Ga'hoole books
  • other books
  • picture frames I can hang on the wall
  • game boy
  • game boy games
  • plants in pots
  • posters
  • stuff you make
  • binders
(I also have more stuff on my list but I couldn't write it all down.)


Lee (or hpnum1fan) said...

Cool list. I like the whole thursday thirteen thing.
Even though it's far away I am so excited for Christmas.

Sharon said...

Yeah, but you know your parents will only get you socks and undies, and other dull things.

Angela said...

yeah, and you would know what with you being my mom!