Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Thanksgiving Thirteen

these are things that I wish my sister valerie wouldn't do:

1. scare me as I come out of the bathroom by yelling something like arrrrrrrrrooooouughhh!

2. leave her clothes on the floor of our room

3. nag me every half hour to play Barbies

4. pick fights with me

5. step in my bed when she gets out of her bed

6. feed my fish without asking permission

7. grouch at me

8. pick fights with my mom

9. do a ugly puppy face at me If I don't play barbies with her

10. knock and knock on the bathroom door AFTER I SAID I WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM!!!

11. whine if she doesn't get her own way

12. tries t;o change the rules on the gamed so she wins

13. put her and her friend Maggie's junk on my desk, not in her part

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