Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventure Exists In The Mind

Angela has nothing in particular to blog about!

In fact, my creativity is more or less gone. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I have no inspiration, no motivation to write or create anything. The most I'm interested in doing is refashioning a t-shirt, something that doesn't take a lot of creativity anyway.
My mind is as dry as an empty swimming pool.
It's as exhausted as I imagine those hamsters are after running on their treadmill things for hours.
It lacks motivation to do everything but sit and stare at a screen as my eyes slowly glaze over and my brain cells commit suicide from the radiation coming from the electronics.

Why is Angela writing a blog post, then?
Because I'm just awesome like that.

Actually, that's one of the points that I've meant to bring up for a long time, but never actually gotten around to doing.
You're awesome.

Okay, no, seriously. Deep down, no matter how crappy you think you are on the surface, I think you must believe just a little bit that you're awesome.
So just accept it already.

I mean, think about it. Just because you're nothing 'special' doesn't mean anything. It just means that you're not held to an expectation to do something different than anyone else. You just do. You don't HAVE to do things your own way or think your own thoughts. You just do anyway. No one's standing over you, whipping you to do things your own way, or to conform. The reason you're you, and the reason you do the things you do... Is you. It's the way that your brain experiences different things. It's the way you accept things that happen... Or don't accept them.

You're a different, unique, original person... Because you choose to be, one way or another.

There is, in my opinion, no person who can be considered not awesome. Why? Because just the fact that you can make the decisions you do, and act the way that you do, and just think the thoughts that you do in the sequence that they happen means that you're awesome. It means that you have created your own personality, no matter how 'unique' it is. You're amazing, because you've created yourself into who you are. Even if you do something really crappy, it  makes you awesome because you're just cool enough that you've made a choice.

Choices make us who we are, and we define the choices we make. We create ourselves, and we mold ourselves into who we are and how our futures look.

So, please, never believe that you aren't awesome, or that you're at the will of people besides yourself. Why? Because every morning that you get up and do something, you're shaping yourself and your future.
You're awesome! :)

(Hey. I found a blog post after all! :))

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