Monday, November 15, 2010

Epic Bob (and why you should care.)

My friend Katie has started a blog. A blog with a cartoon. In this cartoon, she documents different adventures of a stick figure named Bob, Bob's girl friend, Bobette, Bob's best friend, Marvin the enchanted magical banana, and Marvin's girlfriend (And my favorite character, despite the fact that we haven't met her yet (maybe in the future?)), Sunflower Girl.
Here are several reasons why you should read... THE EPIC ADVENTURES OF BOB:
1. Katie is awesome and deserves to have people read her blog.
2. Bob is awesome.
3. Bob's adventures are awesome.
5. They're fairly hilarious.
6. I think Marvin and Bob are secretly gay and are going to get married.
7. It has the word "EPIC" in the title. (hello? Epic?)
8. Because I say so.
So, go check out The Epic Adventures of Bob. There are currently only two cartoon strips, and one of the characters, so you know it won't take long to read. (yet. just wait. There'll be more. trust me. I'll pester her.)
So, go check out the Epic Adventures of Bob, right now, and be awesome.

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Cat said...

The adventures of bob are amazingggg. :):)