Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Science is Good!!

Na = Sodium

before you read this, tell me, what do you think sodium has to do with ice cream? what do you think salt has to do with it? what do salt and sodium have to do with each other? why am I typing this? are these trick questions? do you really have to tell me? here are the answers: 1. sodium and salt are the same things. 2. you don't really have to tell me. 3. the reason I am telling you about ice cream and salt in the same sentence will come apparent in a bit.

Today our science experiment was to make icecream. so, we did. I made chocolate Vannila, Val and Chris and Ken made theirs with every flavor.
(Cinnamon, Vannila, chocolate, and strawberry.) Mine was brown, and the other's were kind of a gray color, except Val's whose was whitish. (ish is one of my friend's favorite words.)the reason I was talking about salt is that when we made the ice cream we DIDN'T put it in the freezer, we did it in the open air. we stuck the cream and the flavors in a small baggy, (we had already mixed them), and then we stuck crushed ice and salt into a big baggy, stuck the small baggy in the big one, mixed them up, and ate them.

The reason that we added ice is because when you add salt to ice, it creates super cooled water (plz don't look at the other movies on this you tube thing the movie is on.some probably aren't appropriate.), or ice, which mea
ns (ice or water), that they are colder than freezing. (that allows the ice cream to become ice cream without sticking it in the freezer for hours.) we did the entire experiment in about twenty minutes.

Science is good!!!!!! :)

(plz don't forget that not all of the movies you find on the internet are appropriate.)

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