Friday, February 22, 2008

Ice art

in my backyard there are a group of trees my sister Valerie
and I call the woods.
it is lower then the rest of the ground and sometimes it fills up with water. that happened
recently, and the water froze. now Valerie, Christina, and I play on it.
Valerie mines the ice where it breaks.
we call it art.
we hang the pieces up outside.
between the trees.
they are really pretty.
they sometimes have ridges on the back that look REALLY pretty from the front.
here are some pictures I took with my camera.

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Lee said...

^What was that about. About comment from person above me.

Anyway, awesome Angela. The ice looks cool. Ice is really pretty, I agree. It's like... Glass. Except, it melts, and it's made naturally and stuffs.