Monday, October 29, 2007

What Would I do for 500 days?

The mission to Mars will take 500 + days. Here is how I would spend all that "free time" cooped up on a spaceship.

1. do what people told me to do
2. read
3. sleep
4. memorize all the names of the stars
5. listen to music
6. hum
7. talk
9. write an account of my life in the air.
10. write in my diary
11. memorize the declaration of independence
12. memorize the bill of rights
13. write a book
14. meditate
15. be bored
16. do schoolwork
17. draw a picture of something up in space
18. make a best space friend
19. paint.
20. be homesick



Sharon said...

I think we'll get started on the memorizing..... (wicked laugh)

Angela said...