Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Worlds of Wonder part 3 - Archeology

And last I take Archeology.
it's pretty fun except the lady who teaches it decides to fast.
we are going to do a "dig", or in other words, make up a culture, make artifacts from it, and bury
it. a couple people, (two to be exact) wanted to do ours from the future and that was that, now we are FORCED to do it in the future!!!!!!! But at least I am assigned how they do marriage, how they raise their kids, and their rites of passage. After we bury the artifacts in an aluminum cooking pan we will switch it with one of her other classes. Then we dig up theirs and then we try to discover what type of people their people were.

Please go part one then part two then part three or else it won't make any sense.

Worlds of Wonder part 2 - Math Games and Strategies

My second class is called "Math Games and Strategies." I love this class.
If any of you who read this blog have read J.K. Rowling's description of Charms in Harry Potter,
(anyway, I think it's charms!) that description would about sum it up. loud, noisy, fun, and interesting. every day we learn a few games, math games, that is, then we try to find the strategies to win them.
So far we have learned, the 100 game, the 13 paper clip game, and the 15, 20 or 30 paper clip game.

Worlds of Wonder part I - Robotics

Hi! this June I started this program called "Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder".
it started on the 25th and will continue till the 6th of July.
The first class I go to is really fun, it's called "Robotics" (1 or 2)
well the first day was pretty confusing, cause I was accidentally signed up for Robotics 2, but I was supposed to do Robotics one before continuing to #2.
So the second day I went, my mom had to come in and switch me to the #1 Robotics,
and still it was confusing because on the third day my mom had to switch checks, because Robotics 1 didn't cost as much as #2.
but now I think it's all sorted out.
Anyway, at Robotics you may have figured out, I make Robots!!!!!!!!!! which is sooooooooooo cool!
but instead of just taking the parts and gluing them together, I have to make the circuit board AND put it together, but it's pretty fun.
theres only two other girls in Robotics, but they are both REALLY nice.
the robot I'm making is called "The Scooter." it basically goes forwards till it bumps into something, then it emits a sound and backs up. Then it turns a different direction.
But whats cool is that I get to seal the resisters with melted metal.
And Ladies and gentlemen thats about it on Robotics!