Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Valerie.

Huzzah, huzzah, you've made it one more year.
Congratulations, oh 12 year old.
Let's hope you make it one more.

Unfortunately, there is no cake (the cake is a lie).
Fortunately, Alexis appeared last night at about 10:30.
Unfortunately, that confused the heck out of me.

Either way.

Happy Birthday.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christina's Piano Yesterday

Hi! So, as some of you know, my sister Christina and I had a piano recital yesterday! It was very nice, in this piano shop. My mom has been working on putting the videos on YouTube... So far, she has Christina's up. I figured I might as well put them here, so you can all see what a fabulous job she did. :)

If anyone is curious, the older woman playing the duets with Christina in this video, is our piano teacher. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Do you ever have a moment when you're just sitting there, feeling like you're a complete and total failure, then all of a sudden it's "WHAM" and you realize that you've already done a lot, and that you have a lot coming up, but you aren't scared about any of it?

I sort of had that feeling today.

I was feeling kind of upset today, because I'm behind on my math, and I keep forgetting to teach Ken piano (I remembered yesterday, though!) and I have a recital tomorrow, and I still have to call my confirmation teacher to talk about some money that the church might have for me to pay for part of the tuition for me to take atrium teaching training, and I have still to do any reading at all for Western Civ, and I still have homework for then (and the class hasn't even started yet) and I haven't written in about three months..

I was fairly miserable.

But then I realized that
a) I've handled this sort of thing before.
b) I haven't died from anything so far.
c) All I have to do is focus on my math, and I'll still get the book done in October, even if I do take longer than expected.
d) Grades in class don't always matter... As long as I am learning, it's all good.
e) I like playing piano at recitals (sometimes).
 f) even though I'm going to be hopefully taking the AP for world history next year, and I'm taking the honors Western Civ (why do they call it honors? All honors means is that there's more work), and my biology is higher than my level, I'm not freaked about any of this...
And it was like

It was fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet More Reasons Why It's Awesome to be Me.

  • I get to blog about french toast.
  • My workout consists of kicking a huge log around the backyard.
  • I can do my math on my desk.
  • I can do my math on my bed.
  • I can do my math under my desk. (Not under my bed, though. There's no room down there. And there's spiders.)
  • I can do my math wherever I want to.
  • I can do my math while watching Dr Who.
  • I can do my math while watching Twelfth Night.
  • I can do my history wherever I want. (Ha! No more math!)
  • Piano is awesome.
  • My logic class comes from loading the dishwasher.
  • Art = cutting up tshirts.
  • My mom would let me make things out of "Backyard Ballistics" for science if I wanted to.
  • For science next year, I get a coloring book.
  • I've written a novel.
  • My alarm clock is my mother's, from the 70s.
  • I have exactly 149 just-for-reading books on my bookshelf downstairs.
  • I have around 10 snow globes on my bookshelf downstairs.
  • I have about three statues, a crystal etching, and a candle holder of lighthouses on my bookshelf (and two more statues on my window sill.)
  • I get to read Murderous Maths for my homework sometimes.
  • I sleep in a dungeon.
  • My yardwork today consisted of building a funeral pyre/signal fire/fire-for-burning-zombies-when-the-ZA-finally-happens.
  • During Sausage Fest, the usual happenings is my cousins and I lounge in the hammock and have discussions over our favorite words.
  • Victimize is one of my favorite words.
  • (So is homicidal.)
  • I have my very own dictionary.
  • I don't care that people think I'm a dork for having my very own dictionary (and being proud of it!)
  • All my (real) friends are absolutely brilliant.
  • All of my friends, including the imaginary/not real/fake/frenemies, are somewhat brilliant.
  • Because I'm a girl, I can cry as much as I want when watching movies, and no one thinks it's weird. (Why is that, anyway?)
  • I have 37 followers! (You guys are awesome.)
  • My little sister wants to be just like me. (Maybe this isn't so awesome for me....)
  • I look like a zombie on my Great America season pass!
  • I have in my possession an Animaniacs coloring book.
  • And I have access to a Pajama Sam coloring book.
  • My swim towel is green.
  • I watch Horrible Histories for history sometimes.
  • Notebooks/office supplies are one of my obsessions.
  • I also love Alaska.
  • I have relatives in Alaska.
  • There's a song on my ipod named "Alaska".
  • That song is by Adam Young.
  • I'm an Adam Young fan. 
  • I can DM.
  • I can DM and not have anyone tell me I sucked.
  • Granted, I was DMing for a bunch of new D&Ders.
  • Oh well.
  • For some reason, everyone thinks I'm funny.
  • For some reason, most people my age do exactly what I tell them to, when I tell them to.
  • I live in my own world.
  • I've visited Candy Land.
  • My copy of Pippi Longstocking is absolutely brilliant.
  • I haven't reread Stargirl.
  • I've altered two pairs of shoes.
  • Shoelaces are awesome.
  • I know how to put bullets up in my blog posts!
  • I have also annoyed the heck out of people in my blog posts.
  • One of my best posts was a rebuttal to an anti-homeschooling post.
  • I was told I rocked for that.
  • By someone who doesn't even know me.
  • I have the capacity to write a long, rambling, bulleted blog post, with no aim, and yet have people tell me it was awesome.
  • You guys rock.
  • One of my favorite books (I forgot about this) is Carmilla.
  • That's a very old book about a lesbian vampire, in case you didn't know.
  • I highly recommend it.
  • People have finally given up on calling me Angie.
  • Or, maybe, I've just grown a selective hearing filter so I no longer hear it.
  • I like that second option.
  • My laundry basket has a sticker of a lion on it.
  • I have a faery with hospital legs on  my wall.
  • I have a magic door to anywhere I want it to go on my wall.
  • I have a mushroom on my wall.
  • I have painted my wall.
  • My floor is purple.
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night when my hand is cramping up, the first thing I think is, "My hand hurts, I must be turning into spiderman!"
  • One Year Adventure Novel is awesome.
  • My camera is awesome.
  • My tripod still mostly works, even though I've kind of broken it a lot.
  • My blog is over 4 years old.

So, that's all I feel like writing up for now...
You guys can feel free to make one of these posts for yourself! though it won't be quite as awesome as mine. heh.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hi! One of my many Homeschool Projects...

Hi! So, one of my projects I really would like to do is to create a French Toast Cookbook. (Notice that that's capitalized.)
But, the thing is, for this, I'm going to need recipes. Lots of recipes.
Of french toast.

I have a few already, and I'm going to have to try them out, but if any of you have any french toast recipes, you can email them to me. (That's right, I have an email. For blogger! wooooot!) I'll put the link up... if I can remember it... (whoops)... here. That's my email for here. So if you have any french toast recipes (this includes french toast casserole), please send it to me there.

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to My Life.

So, it's about 100 degrees at my house, and humid. There's a slight breeze, but it's not enough to cool much down. Thankfully our Air Conditioning is back up, so Pip (PJ) isn't going to die of heat. (I'm still melting, though.)

I'm reading "Becoming Chloe" and I plan to finish it today (Linda, how the heck do you manage to read so many books in such a short amount of time?! Veela and I have almost decided that you're an insane clown zombie who doesn't need sleep! geesh!), and I'm also about half way through The Catcher in the Rye, which I'm reading for the first time.

I still have math to do today, but thankfully I allowed myself to skip 3 math questions because they were duplicative. So that lowers it down to about four. >.< I'm about two or three months behind in math, so I'm hoping that goes well. (On a slightly unrelated note, does anyone else pronounce Mathematics "Math-eh-mat-ics" not "math-matics"? Just curious.)

Oh! What I'm listening to lately? Y'all are going to laugh. So far, the bands/soundtracks I've been listening to the most are:
The All American Rejects (not that weird)
the Aladdin soundtrack (not weird... for me.)
Hilary Duff (heh. Don't say a word.)
the Annie soundtrack (I don't usually listen to them all in a row. xD)
Yeah. So pretty happy, easy, childish stuff. Yay me!

Oh. I had swimming today. that was pretty fun... Not that I got to swim... I got to learn about the "FIND" method...
Find the problem.
Identify different solutions.
Name the pros and cons of each solution.
Determine the best choice of action.

So, pretty much common sense, in my opinion. I mean, it's like, "do I tell the kids in the locker room to stop sliding around in the water on the floor and hitting each other with towels, or do I just ignore it and let them get hurt?". Well... Duh. You tell them to stop. *shrug* (I was trying to find you a video on Youtube of "TJ" and "Sam" who are in my GuardStart videos, but I couldn't find any. Sorry. xD)

So, this is probably one of my more boring posts... But I'm kind of boring feeling right now... How interesting can one feel when their hair is too long and the most interesting thing they're wearing is a Dr. Seuss tank top? Really?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Heroes!

Alright! First of all, I want to give a short little shout out to the Air Conditioning repair technicians. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! (I have AC now. It's awesome.)

And so. Moving on...

One of the questions that people ask me a lot is "what's your favorite book?".
I then often get laughed at for my answers, or just get a blank, zombie-like expression.

So, here, I will introduce not only my favorite books (including photocopies of my copies of the books [ did that make sense?]) but also why the main characters happen to be my heroes.
So, without much ado...

The Ordinary Princess
by M.M. Kaye

Synopsis from book: All across the kingdom, excitement was running high: a seventh princess, always the luckiest and most beautiful of all, had just been born to good King Hulderbrand and Her Majesty Queen Rodehesia. When the christening day arrived, Her Serene and Royal Highness the Princess Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne was showered with the most extravagant, marvelous presents imaginable- until her last, most powerful fairy godmother proclaimed, "You shall be Ordinary!"

And as the years passed, it was so. Princess Amy's hair became a mousy brown, her nose turned up, and- worst of all!- freckles began to dot her nose and cheeks. In fact, she looked so ordinary that no prince could be found to marry her. Amy realized that she didn't want to get married anyway, and ran away from hom, embarking on an adventure that opens up a most extraordinary life for the Ordinary Princess.

Why I love this book:
Everyone is so nice in this books. No one is evil. No one is the 'villain'. There's no one to hate, because everyone is doing exactly what they think is right. Even if it's not in line with what someone else thinks. But even though there's no villain, it's still completely fascinating. It's just a really fun book to read, and the illustrations make the pages pretty. :)

Her Serene and Royal Highness the Princess Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne:
I love the character of Amy. She's not overly anything. She really is truly ordinary, and in being so is exactly the sort of person that I would love to be friends with. She's resourceful, things don't always go according to her plans, she loves to have fun, and she doesn't hate her parents. All in all, she's one of the most normal, most interesting, most loveable characters ever. She also helped me accept the fact that my hair wasn't blond. (When I was younger, every one of my siblings had blond hair. Except me. >.<)

Pippi Longstocking
by Astrid Lindgren

Blurb about book on back of cover: " 'And absurd and rollicking story of Pippi who lives without any grownups in a little house at the edge of the village. Not that she lives alone- Mr. Nilsson, the monkey, and Horse live there too; and Tommy and Annika from next door spend as much time with her as possible. And who wouldn't, for with Pippi around you just never can tell what may happen next. The matter-of-fact way in which her absurd adventures are related is one of the chief charms of this story, full of the kind of hilarity that appeals to children.' -Horn Book"

Why I love this book:
As you can tell, by looking at the cover of my book, I've basically read this book to pieces. Mostly because it makes me laugh. Every time. Or at least smile. Partly because it was one of my favorite books when I was younger*. Maybe a bit because I always secretly wanted to be- or at least know- Pippi. And really, it's just a refreshing book. I read all these serious books, but then there's this one. Where you know everything is going to turn out alright, because, really, just like the Ordinary Princess... everyone is nice! They might be 'against' Pippi, but really, no one is against Pippi. no one.

Pippi Longstocking:

Pippi is hilarious. She's also a homeschooler, a crafter, and just crazy. If she wants to walk home backwards, well, by jove, she will! If she wants to own a horse, and pick him up whenever, then she will... and does! She's remarkably strong ("She was so very strong that in the whole wide world there was not a single police officer as strong as she.") but she uses her powers for good. She fights bullies, is a thing-finder, hides in a tree... She's just all around an awesome character. She's another one of those characters where I would love to have her as my neighbor, just like Tommy and Annika. (Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. *sigh*)

   So, there you go. My all time favorite two books. They're both feel-good books. I read them both whenever I feel nervous. (I read one before a test I had to take.) They're nice books. They're short. They're funny.
I love them. :)

*Actually, my favorite books haven't changed that much. Let's see.. The Ordinary Princess... Pippi Longstocking... The Tail of Emily Windsnap... Harry Potter... The Hobbit... 
Yeah. They're the same. xD

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some Geeky Rules (D&D part III)

Finally here! I'm so sorry for not getting this up until now... I'm actually being a Dungeon Master tonight for a teen group... So I've been going crazy over that. (Unfortunately, it's just one night, not a club, so I had to get pre-rolled characters and everything... >_> oh well.)
But anyway, I wrote this up this morning (read: 6:30) for the D&D night tonight... Thought it went well for my blog. :)


Basic D&D Rules

This is the main rule for Dungeons and Dragons. Rolling high means getting the highest number on whichever dice you are using. This can mean hitting the goblin or surviving a jump across a stream of lava. Considering your life is usually at stake, Rolling High is a good rule.


Staying in character means role-playing how your character would act. If your character would attempt to cross the stream of lava by a series of stepping stones, instead of taking the easy bridge, well, then that’s what you should do.


A rule that’s commonly used in most real life situations, Don’t Be a Jerk also carries over to role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Being a jerk in this game usually means taking all the treasure, killing all the monsters, not helping your allies, not letting anyone else speak, not taking your watch, and just randomly killing people.


This is also part of not being a jerk. Often times, the DM actually does have some important information that they’re giving you, and you really will feel like a huge dork when you have to ask for the fifth time why you’re invading the ork stronghold. Also, each DM has their own way of running an adventure, and will often have their own slightly customized version of the rules. (So if you don’t listen, you’ll miss something and be sad later.) Besides that, the DM will remind you to stay in character, and a failure to comply can result in your character jumping off a cliff, and having a fellow D&D companion jump in to save you, cutting precious time off your adventuring.


Simple. If you have a fraction, you don’t round up. For example- 1 ½ would be rounded down to 1, not up to 2.

Your d20 can be a frustrating piece of plastic, rolling ones when you need twenties, bouncing off the table, getting lost in the pile of books and character sheets, and in general frustrating you to death. Either way, it’s still your best friend, and you’ll use it for most rolls.


This is so that when the wizard finally gets done casting fireball, you’re prepared to go take a swing at the goblin sorcerer’s head. It’s a pain in the butt to wait for some indecisive player to plan their turn… So, if at all possible (which it sometimes isn’t, just as a heads up), plan out even just a general idea of what you’re going to do.

You can get some really wicked powers with your D&D character. They range from giving you a huge bonus on your diplomacy check, to being able to sustain 16 points of damage against three foes while swimming across that stream of lava in nothing but your underwear. Okay. That’s an exaggeration. But either way. Use your powers. You have no rewards for not using them, and they can save your life.

If you’re trapped in a room facing three dire rats, four fire beetles, two skeletons, a giant spider, and a zombie who wants to eat your brains, feel free to run away. However, you might want to warn your party that you’re running, or, even better, have them run away too. This rule is especially useful when you’re down to 2 hit points and the cleric is about to turn into an undead creature.

You have skills. Use them.

A D&D adventure is kind of like an improv play. You don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen, or even the plot, but you do have to stay in character the entire time.

Friday, July 15, 2011

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Never Know What You've Got Until It's Gone

Such as electricity!

On Monday morning, there was a HUGE storm. Huge as in: it knocked off half a tree in my back yard. It blew over someone's shed/fence, and all the traffic lights were out.

Unfortunately for our family, it was worse. Because we don't have city water, we have a well, we rely on a pump to get our water for us. But the pump runs on electricity.
 here is a math equation for you.
No electricity = no pump.
No Pump = No water.
No Water x Two Toilets = A stinky house + No fun
No Electricity x Two toilets = (A Stinky House + No Fun)3

Do you get the idea?
I thought the math would get to you...

Anyway, we just got our power back at 11:00 last night... It was pretty awesome. (Especially being able to flush the toilets. That's amazing.)

I'll have some pictures of the wreckage in our backyard, later, but for now, let me leave you with this...

GuardStart = Swimming.
Swimming = Pool House.
Pool House = Hot Showers.
Hot Showers x No Water At Home = Amazingness.
GuardStart = Amazingness.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

You guys are AWESOME!

Okay, you see there? That's my blog's "audience" for today. Now, I don't actually know anyone in Singapore, but whoever is looking at my blog from there, you guys are awesome!

And you know what else I think I have to do? I have to put up a special shout out to Cat :D.  Why? Because, this week, her blog (which is here, and awesome, by the way) has given me like, five views. (that's a top source, considering most places only give me one. ;) )
So, yeah. Thank you! *waves*

I also want to say thank you to my Grandpa for the awesome email he sent me. Thanks!

Also... to all my 37 followers..
You guys are all amazing. All of you.
I was ten when I started this blog. That was four years ago. (long time.) And honestly, when I first sat down, wearing my "My Game, My Rules" t-shirt (I didn't know what I wanted to name my blog, so my mom took the words off my shirt... that shirt is now a purse... just fyi), I had no idea what followers were, much less that I'd eventually have more than, say, three. So, you guys are really awesome. It's always really cool for me to sit down and look, and say, "hey. At least 37 people are reading my blog. That's a lot.".

Anyway, that's about all I needed to put up here today.
(oh, and crossed some stuff off on my summer bucket list. Huzzah!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Of All the Reasons... (And shoe pictures. SHOE PICTURES at the end of post!)

When I was at camp,I shared a tent with a girl named Breanna. One of her absolute favorite things to say to me, besides "you're seriously depressed", was "You really don't give a s*** about what anyone thinks, do you?"
I really don't.

In fact, I usually don't care if someone even likes me or not. What gets me really upset, is when the people who don't like me come up with some stupid, unoriginal, boring excuse why they don't like me. Honestly? If you aren't going to like me, can you at least come up with a good reason why not? For example... Not liking me because I hang out with someone you don't like. Why? Why would that make any difference? I know people who hang out with other people I don't like, and do I make a big fuss?
I don't.

Or... People who decide I'm depressed (Breanna, I'm talking to you). Now, let us take a look at their "proof" that I'm depressed, shall we?
  • I sit in corners.
  • I don't always talk to people.
  • I write.
  • I happen to wear black.
  • I don't smile at lame jokes.
  • I'm sarcastic.
  • I'm serious.
Now, I honestly don't see how any of these point to any depression at all. I mean, I guess the corners thing can point to... antisocialness? I guess? And I guess if we really work hard... We might be able to stretch that to depression? But... Writing? Seriously? You think that because I keep a diary, I'm depressed? May I mention that I've been keeping a diary since I was six? And I was depressed back then?

And sarcasm. How does being sarcastic make you depressed? In my humble opinion, you don't have to be sarcastic if you're depressed, and you don't have to be depressed to be sarcastic!

Maybe I'm ranting too much about the depression thing, but it just really bothers me.

Another thing that bugs me is the Dungeons and Dragons thing. Yes. I play D&D. Not only that, but I play D&D well. Better than many boys I've met. And yet, whenever we start talking about Dungeons and Dragons, I get a lot of incredulous looks, because I'm girl. I don't think it should matter! Let's just team up against all them who would stop D&D forever! (I'm talking to you, Sam. [another camper].)
In that same thing... I don't see why I'm geeky just because I play D&D. I mean, it's not that geeky. Sure. I probably won 20 or 30 geek points when I learned to play, another 20 when I got to correct my Uncle Erik in D&D... and probably another 10 when I accepted an offer to be a DM on Saturday (the 16th! Wish me luck, I'm freaking out!)... But-

Okay. I guess my argument is moot here. :) D&D really is geeky.

Oh well.

Anyway, I really did have a plan for that post, but it just really didn't work out as well as I'd hoped... So... without further delay, let me present...
my shoes!
(to everyone who helped me come up with ideas for these, thank you so much! I literally couldn't have done this without you!)

So, here are my shoes, first before, then after. :) Using the same technique as I did here,  although I'm glad to say that my photography skills have improved since then.

I don't actually know why I took that ^ photo... I probably just wanted to show off the mad skills of my tripod. xD

See? They must have been nice at one point, but now they're just... tired. :P

The green I used for the main color actually has sparkles... It's name is "Shamrock Green", and if anything, it's brighter in real life. O_o
(Another side note: I ended up throwing away my old graffiti shoes a few days ago, but I saved the laces, and put them in these shoes, so they do now have laces. :) )

Hey look! Zig Zags!

 Roll High: The most important rule when playing Dungeons and Dragons. :)

These photos are really in no particular order, as you can probably tell. :P Sorry about that.

Phi: A number cooler and geekier than pi. You can find all about it here. (Yea, it has it's own website!)

Probably the worst photo of my shoes I took... The only thing in focus is the grungy rubber! [cringes] sorry about that. But either way, it says "The answer to LIFE, the UNIVERSE, and EVERYTHING/ 42".

I'm very proud of the flames on my shoes. Those things were hard to draw, and harder to paint. [grumph]. The rainbow was far less difficult... and it didn't turn out half bad! :D

Another beauty shot of the fire. Why? Because paper and fire, my friend.

 If you can notice, I colored the brown stripe and lettering black, with my trusty sharpie. And those are gears, yes. I had some empty space. :)

Yes, that is the TARDIS. Why? Because... I don't know. Because it's cool, I guess. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Back!

And I'm exhausted!
I got back on Friday, at about 10:00 PM... I basically got my stuff out of the car, dumped it on my floor, collapsed into bed, and tried unsuccessfully to sleep in my junk-filled bed until 11 when I finally fell asleep. (When I say "junk filled" I mean... it had about an entire load of [clean] laundry, two pairs of scissors, about seven pieces of scrap fabric, three notebooks, two books, my ipod, a sleeping bag, and several pens on it.)

But either way, I'm back! I finally got sleep last night (even though I slept to nearly 9:00... Good grief!), so I'm feeling a bit better today. Still exhausted though. I swear my brain has been working four times slower than it did before camp... *sigh*. My penpal, Anna, sent me a letter while I was at camp, and I got it when I got home... I had to read it about six times before I even got the jist of what she was saying.
I think this might be a problem.
Because... Tomorrow I start school up again! Yay me!
So, just for my own help, I'm going to make a list here of what I need in order to start my school tomorrow. (Feel free to read it. It's just another example of how strange us Homeschoolers are. :P"

  • Graph paper.
  • A clean desk.
  • Kool-Aid.
  • My ipod.
  • To find my clipboard.
  • A pen.
  • The computer.
  • A lot of patience.
  • To get rid of my phone all day.
  • To hide "Shelf Life".
  • Whatever I need to do my experiment for geology.
  • Caffeine.
  • A good night's sleep.
  • An endless supply of food.
Which brings me to to the last one. An endless supply of food. You know how in comics (like Zits), the teenager is shown to be always eating? Always?
I've usually found this image incorrect, since I can often eat one thing of yogurt and granola and a cup of kool-aid, and be full. But. Recently...
For lunch yesterday I had:
  • Two plates of chicken caserole.
  • A serving of spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Three pieces of French Toast.
  • Two cups of kool-aid.
  • A peanut butter sandwich.
And that made me 80% full. It was saddening, since in an hour, I was hungry again. And it's been like that today, as well...
Except right now it's dinner time (well, technically it's about 7:00, so it's about an hour after dinner), and I'm still not hungry...
Then again, I had a ton of samples at Costco, and I ate about 7 cookies. And drank two cups of milk. And ate some peas. So I guess it's not that weird that I'm not terribly hungry..
I should still eat though. :P

On another side note, I'm going to be DMing on the 16th! Woot! It's a thing for Homeschool Teens (yay capitalization!) and it's being held at my friend's house. The event. Yeah. I'm a little nervous about this, since I've never run a "game" before. Sure, I've run a dinky dungeon crawl when I was teaching my friend SEP to play (which I didn't do that much)... But I've never had a bigger group than... well... two. ;)
So, wish me luck on that... I'm really nervous, so... yeah. :P

Write more later (and I'll have pictures of my shoes, Sandy. :) )


(oh! And breaking news! last week I finally let someone call me "Angie". It was amazing! Some girl at camp (Tatyanna) asked me if she could call me Angie, and I let her! *shocked*. Remind me never to do that again.
I hate that name.
hate it
hate it
hate it.
Sorry. :P )