Tuesday, June 30, 2009

omigosh, ANOTHER AWARD!!!

this is so pretty! I got it from Rachel. =D thanks!!
now I feel so guilty though, I have been getting all these wonderful
awards, but I haven't been giving any out. hmm, I'm going to have
to make some. =D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my awesome award!!!

isn't this a fantastic award??!! I love it! thank you Kittycat/Cat!!
I love it so much. lol. =D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

lol, this will prove what a freak I am...

bout D'nD that is. lol. we were watching the fellowship of the ring tonight, and this is what my sister's and my commentary went, bout the fight scenes: (I'm green, Val is blue)
"wow, legolas has point blank shot!!" "yea, my ranger has that. omg, that must of been a critical, twenty points at least!!" "yea, now, Valerie, tell me, which would you prefer, to cross a bridge two feet in width, while running, or fight a fire element?" "the bridge... DUH." "lol, omigosh, Boromir has a lot of hit points, he was just shot three times!!" "wow, oooh, I wonder how many hit points that ork has?" "maybe ten??" "nah, more like three. Pippin killed him by hitting him with a rock. that can't do very much damage." etc. lol, I'm like a freak for Dungeons and Dragons. =D I have this awesome druid called Megera Thebes, and she has a familiar, a badger called Gloria. Valerie's is a Ranger called Medea Ivory, who has a wolf named Vivian as her familiar. Christina's is a fighter, called Katie Elizabeth Rockshank. lol. what a name. and she isnt' even a dwarf!! she is actually a human, so is my character. Valerie's is a half elf. ok, I g2g, bedtime. ttyl,

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

something I have to say...

hi peoples.
I have a few things I would like to say.
first, Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!!
ok, no, that wasn't it. I just like that line, its from Harry Potter, if you peoples can't tell. lol.
second, I have to tell you people about two blogs which I would like you to at least take a look at. they are www.savetheworldandbegreen.blogspot.com

please look at them. =D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my friend Matthew's Story!!

so, my friend Matthew sent me this story he wrote. He had told me about it before, but I wasn't really listening, and I thought it sounded just to weird for words, but then he emailed it to me, and I read it, and I loved it, so I decided to put it on my blog where bunches of people can read it. please tell me (and Matthew) what you think about it by either commenting or leaving a message in the chatbox. =D thanks.

2009…Daniel groaned, rolling out of bed and hitting his head on the floor. He got up and stumbled over to his dresser, and pulled out a drawer. Which ones… He thought, these, yes these. He got dressed in a pair of jeans, a blue shirt, and a gray sweat jacket. Pulling on socks, he walked towards the stairs and tripped, falling down the stairs and coming to rest about halfway down. Getting up he checked for bruises. A small one on my side, nothing else, He thought, I’ll live. He smiled. He walked the rest of the way down the stairs, and turned left at the bottom of the stairs. He saw his mom cooking breakfast, and his dad drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. His mom came over, "Daniel, good heavens what kept you? You were supposed to be downstairs ten minutes ago, you’re going to be late for school!" His dad turned and smiled, "Martha, relax he has an hour.""You’re right, you’re right…" She said nervously. Daniel and his dad laughed. "So mom," Said Daniel, "what’s for breakfast…" He looked into the kitchen, "Ohhh, Ohhh yes!" His mom laughed, "Haven’t had these in a while huh?"Daniel jumped up and hugged his mom. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" His mom laughed again. "Yes, Daniel, Apple Fritters." Daniel was shaking in his seat. When his mom finally came over with them he didn’t even wait for his fork. Instead, he crammed one in his mouth, chewing with a look of ecstasy on his face.When he finally managed to swallow, he gasped and reached out to grab another. His mom placed the fork in his hand, and, smiling, said, "Try using this, it’s easier." Daniel, smiling, finished his breakfast, and leaned back in his chair. Next thing he knew his mom was shaking him, "Daniel the bus is here." Daniel jumped to his feet, saying goodbye to his mom and dad, shot out the door and raced towards the bus. The door was closing, he pumped his legs, faster and faster he ran. The door was almost closed, Daniel jumped. There was a bright flash of light, and he was thrown backwards. When he looked again, there was nothing there. He looked down both sides of the street, no bus. It’s gone… He thought, it’s completely gone. He got up, dazed, and walked home. What would he say to his parents? Hi mom, guess what, the bus disappeared in a bright flash of light! So there’s no school today. He hated the idea of going home to that. He took a side ally, thinking, I’ll just sit here all day, which will keep me from embarrassing myself. So he did, he sat there for hours and hours. And he drifted off to sleep...Startled he was woken up to a strange noise, a sort of humming sound, he looked up and saw a sort of cloud gathering over the intersection. People were already gathering to stare at the cloud. Walking towards it he saw that it had a black center, and it was very high up. As he watched the dark center expanded rapidly, and the sky went black. People started to scream, a bright multicolored beam shot out of the cloud and struck a car, which exploded. People were running in all directions. A green beam shot out of the cloud, striking a group of people, who looked around dazed, then one by one, dropped unconscious.By now, it was mass panic, people were screaming and running everywhere as beams shot out from the rapidly growing cloud. Then, time seemed to slow, as the cloud glowed, a bright white in its center. The other beams stopped, as the light grew bigger and bigger.And people started to turn to look.Then without warning, a massive, blinding beam shot out and hit the ground, chunks of debris flying everywhere. A black beam started to form in the middle of the giant column of energy. Expanding quickly, it soon filled the entire thing. And the beam started to create a giant hole in the ground, which expanded beyond the boarders of the beam. Daniel who was now running for his parents house, started to wonder if this was a dream.Out of the hole, came bodies, hundreds of them, zombies. Groaning they advanced. And the cloud started to shoot lightning at objects. Daniel, who was screaming at the top of his lungs, spotted his parents staring wide eyed at the undead army. Daniel ran up to them, and, grabbing them, ran for the safety, or so he thought, of the countryside...…The zombies were getting closer, hammering at the door of the barn. Daniel and his parents were holed out inside, armed with this: A crowbar, a baseball bat, and a plank of wood with a large rusty nail on one side.The zombies were making progress, and a hand shot from one of the two doors. Daniel’s mom screamed. More hands shot out until the entire door cracked in half. Daniel and his dad raised their weapons, but Daniel’s mom dropped the crowbar, and ran out of the building. Daniel screamed "No!" But it was too late, she came back in. But she was missing an arm, and she walked with a stumble to represent that she was no longer on his side. Daniel picked up the crowbar and turned to his dad, to find a green face staring at him. His dad had been corrupted too! He backed away, cowering against the far wall. Whenever a zombie got close, he swung the crowbar, knocking it back. But it always returned. Then his parents came, he couldn’t hit them. And so as they were closing in, he thought about life, how it was such a normal day, then the incident, now this, it was a really bad position and he really disliked to decision he made not to tell his parents about the bus. His parents were literally touching him, he could feel blackness spread up his legs, and tried to move them and couldn’t. The blackness was spreading, and it soon reached his chest, then his neck, and when it got to his mouth it started to emit a groan. He got up and started to walk with the rest of the zombies. But he wasn’t doing it, he was the last speck of conscience within his brain, and that last speck said in a final effort to free itself. These people are deleterious to this planet, I abhor them! I have to stop this, I must… I must… and he faded away into oblivion.Daniel was startled awake by a zephyr, and his mom. His dad was talking to a stranger with a scarred face. "Mom, what’s going on?" Daniel said. His mom looked at him and said, "Daniel, you’ve been in a coma for about a year, the shock of the attack on our town put you in a coma.""The Earth, our planet, what’s happened to it?""Daniel, the zombies, they’re not controlled by a supernatural force, or magic or anything like that. They’re being controlled by a micro chip, implanted in their brain."Daniel snapped to attention. "Who is that man talking to dad?""That is Joe, from other members of the resistance, they call him CJ, or ‘Callous Joe’. But when he hears them, they say, ‘Cool Joe’. They don’t want to arouse his wrath.""I bet his first impressions stink." said Daniel.His mom smiled "Yes, I bet they do."Daniel turned to his dad. "What are you doing dad?"His dad turned in surprise to him and, hugging him, said "This is Joe, I am negotiating with him to let us stay at the resistance base.""But what happened to the rest of the earth?""It’s completely corrupted by those creatures."Daniel looked stunned. Is this the end of the world? He thought. No, not yet, the resistance is still here. We’re not all dead. We will fight until we win, or die. Daniel got up and was about to speak when his dad turned and said, "I’ve finished the negotiations, we will stay at the base, as long as we provide support.""That’s great dad.""And we wont run out of food, the resistance will…Oh no."Daniel whirled around and saw millions of zombies stumbling towards them.Joe looked at them. "The zombies are only a mile away, we have very little time to prepare."Joe motioned for them to follow, and they ran away, off to the resistance base...…The guards were on their usual rounds, when there was banging on the front door. "Who is it?" asked one of the guards cautiously."Gosh darn it! Open the door!" yelled Joe from the other side."Joe is that you?""Yes, yes, now open the door they’re coming!""Who’s coming?""The zombies you dolt, that’s who’s coming!"The soldier ran up to the door and fumbled with the latch and keypads."Hurry it up soldier!""I-I’m t-trying!" he said, obviously shaken.His friend came up and typing in the code, calmly opened the door.Joe stormed in, ranting, and sprinted towards the top of the base.Daniel came in, and looking at the calmer guard said, "What’s his problem?""Who knows?" he answered. Daniel smiled, but that quickly faded when he looked out the door, the zombies were getting closer and were three quarters of a mile away. He asked the guards, "How can I help?""Go to the top of the castle, and you’ll find some turrets, get on one of those. Tell your dad to do the same.""And my mom? What should she do?""She can either go to the hospital wing, and help mend those that get sent there during the fight, or she can help you with the turret."Daniel’s mom came up. "I shall stand by my son." She looked serious for a moment, and then a smile broke her face. Laughing she said, "Oh gosh that was so Hollywood."Daniel smiled. "Yeah, that was." He started laughing too.His dad was already gone. "I guess he’s at a turret." said Daniel, "I’d better do the same." He raced up the stairs with his mom at his heels. And they were soon out of sight of the guards.The guards looked at each other "Serve the Overmind, the door must be opened for his minions." Said one, and the other nodded. "Unlock the door, we don’t want to arouse suspicion." They went to the door and unlocked it, and ran up to the turrets.Daniel was at the top of the castle experimenting with a mounted machine gun. A small rifle was at his side. And his mom was protesting that younger children should not be allowed to use such things. His dad was in the turret next to him, loading it and testing its fire rate. Daniel was copying him, for he knew almost nothing other than it was important to pull the trigger when the barrel was pointed at the zombies. Some time later when the battle was about to begin and everyone was at turrets, or in the hospital wing, the guards came up to Daniel and his dad. "You sure you know how to use these things?" asked a guard, talking to Daniel’s dad. "Yeah, I’m sure, what do you want?"The guard looked offended, and in that instant he poured some black powder into the turret, and no one noticed. "Nothing, I just wanted to know if you need help, that’s all." And he walked away.The other guard was talking to Daniel. "So you know how to work this?""Yeah, I know how.""Okay, well if you say so." The guard said, and like his brother, tried to put the black powder in Daniel’s gun. But this time Daniel saw the motion and yelled, "Hey, get away from that! Are you trying to sabotage me?" The guard dropped the vial of powder which, amazingly, didn’t smash on the stone ground, and ran for the stairs. The other guard joined him, and as they raced for the stairs, two burly guards with metal detectors in their hands stepped out and said, "Can’t let you past, got to test you first." The guards panicked and tried to force their way through, but the burly ones grabbed their necks and held them firm. Scanning them with the metal detectors the reached their head and the detector beeped for both. "We got chips!!" Yelled one of the guards, and hauled them away. A Soldier came up to the vial of black powder and said, "This looks flammable, I’m going to try this then." And he dropped the vial into a small fire that was providing light, because it was the middle of the night. When the vial hit the fire, the powder inside exploded with such force that everyone in fifty meters was thrown backwards. Daniel’s dad paled and he said, "This gun is filled with that stuff, if I had pulled the trigger…"Just then there was a yell and a guard looked down and saw the zombies were almost at the door. "Blast it we were so preoccupied with the powder we forgot about the zombies!"Daniel’s dad made a split decision and threw his gun at the zombies. Down and down it went, and the zombies hardly paid it any notice. For all they cared, some nutcase had just thrown his weapon away. Just then it hit, exploding and sending about forty zombies spiraling away, flaming. The zombies looked up and growled. They started to run for the door. Everyone on the upper wall started to shoot at them.Guns blazing, zombies were falling left and right, but they kept coming. Minutes passed and then the first zombie got to the door, it clawed at it, and to its surprise the door swung open without any fuss. The guards on the top of the castle yelled. "It’s no use! Those traitors must have unlocked the door!" Everyone cried in dismay, and their efforts to try and push the zombies away quickly lost morale. The zombies were pouring through the entrance. And there was nothing the humans could do to stop them. Everyone took their guns and pointed it at the stairs leading to the top of the castle, waiting for the zombies. Soon the medics from the hospital came up, and grabbed weapons.Daniel and his mom and dad all had machine guns and had them pointed at the staircase.Very eerily they heard groaning and the first zombie stumbled up the stairs. Everyone started shooting, as more and more came up the stairs. Thousands of bullets were hitting the zombies, but the humans were falling back. There were still too many zombies.Just as it seemed hopeless a bright beam of light shot out from the night sky and blasted the stairway to pieces, collapsing it, and giving the humans precious time. Everyone looked up and saw a ship, shimmering into view.A voice came over the speakers on the ship. "People of earth, your planet is doomed. Come with us to rebuild your colony, and save the human race."Everyone looked at the ship as it circled around and landed, its top parallel with the top of the castle, and ramp extended."It’s huge, that thing is gigantic!" said one of the soldiers.A small man, with a fox like face, came out in a black robe."Humans, come, the il’Kathani are almost upon us. Hurry, before it is too late."Daniel noticed it had a small device on its neck. That must be a translator, He thought, Of course it is, how else would they communicate with us? The alien said, "This piece on my neck is a small device scans your brain and forces me to talk using your language, I can also learn your language in a heartbeat, that’s what’s nice about it." He took off the translator. "Ah, that’s better. It is such a pain to have to use that thing." He said in perfect English."Come, get on the ship! The il’Kathani have arrived!"Just as he said that, a massive ship, maybe twenty times the size of the castle appeared. It fired green beams at the humans, who knew now that what those beams did was implant chips in your head, making you a minion of the il’Kathani. Most of the humans dodged the beam and some were struck with it. Everyone was running for the fox-ship. The il’Kathani ship was starting to fire the white beams, and that was destroying the castle, melting the bricks. All of the humans were on the ship and the engines were blazing with energy. The ship blasted off from the ground and a turret popped up from the top.The turret’s barrels glowed with energy, and then fired a bolt that hit the il’Kathani ship dead center. The il’Kathani ship fired its own laser blasts at the fox-ship, missing entirely. Daniel asked the fox-man. "What is your race called?"The fox-man looked at him. "We are the Tor’Hitani, we have heard about your planet’s demise and decided to come and rescue you from the il’Kathani."Daniel nodded and turned away looking out a window at the battle.They were in space now and the il’Kathani ship was getting desperate. Daniel saw smoke coming from the guns as they overheated trying to hit the Tor’Hitani ship.A laser blast fired from one of the smaller turrets on the il’Kathani ship, and hit the Tor’Hitani engines. The ship started to slow, and the Tor’Hitani man turned to another one and said using a strange language, "Kornoth, noklagon gerioa keliaz!" The Tor’Hitani ran to the back of the ship, turned behind a corner and vanished.Daniel came up to the Tor’Hitani and asked. "What’s your name?""My name is Xantheris." said the Tor’Hitani who had greeted them on the castle. Daniel nodded again and turned to watch the battle, the il’Kathani ship was almost on them, and a cargo bay door was opening up. Xantheris was yelling into a small microphone. "Kornoth, hitti relaz torgoath keliaz!"He was visibly shaking. The il’Kathani ship was inches away from the Tor’Hitani ship when the engines of the Tor’Hitani ship flared to life. The spider like beings that were clustered with dangerous looking guns, were burned to a crisp. The Tor’Hitani ship quickly gained ship and eventually was completely away from the il’Kathani ship and the chase began again.This time the il’Kathani ship shuddered and a massive turret rose from the top, it glowed with energy. Xantheris moaned. "Not that, anything but that!" He turned to the microphone again. "Kerath Pluton! Kerath Pluton! Kerath il’Kathani Dunager Pluton!"Daniel asked, "What’s a Pluton?"Xantheris turned to him, white faced."It’s a massive super weapon that can destroy entire moons!"Daniel paled, "If that hits us…" Daniel shuddered.Just then a stream of white energy shot out of the Pluton. The stream missed the ship by inches and shot into the sun. The sun glowed white hot, then violet hot, and bulged. Xantheris screamed into the microphone. "Getolaxuwa! Kunaie! The ship surged with speed, the stars became a blur. And behind them the could see the il’Kathani ship preparing to do the same, but just then the sun exploded in a hyper nova, sending massive gamma rays towards the il’Kathani ship, obliterating it in a strident explosion.Daniel asked, "What is our ship doing?" when they were safely away from the exploding star.Xantheris turned and said in English, "The ship is in hyperspace, we will reach your new planet soon."Daniel was uplifted, they were going to get a new planet. He leaned against his mom and dad, and drifted into sleep.Hours later he woke with a jolt. They were landing! He jumped up and saw the humans walking out of the ship in single file line. Xantheris came to him, "Daniel, I would…"He sighed. "I would, like to…" He seemed to struggle for a moment then relaxed. "I would like to live with you in your new home."Daniel was stunned, "Of course you can."Xantheris looked delighted. "Thank you Daniel." He said smiling.He jumped onto Daniel’s shoulder and shrunk. Soon he was small enough to ride around one shoulder alone, he took off the robe and stuffed it into a small compartment on his leg. Surprisingly he looked just like a fox, a cute innocent fox.Xantheris wife came up and did the same, jumping onto Daniel’s shoulder, and shrinking, then stuffed her robe in a compartment on her leg.Daniel walked down the walkway, and into the arms of his parents. Who smiled at the foxes. A smaller fox came bounding down the runway, he wasn’t wearing a robe, he had taken care of that earlier."Planning to leave me in charge of that nightmare dad?" the fox grinned."Not a chance Xerxes." smiled Xantheris.Xerxes, bounced up and perched himself on Daniel’s head."Daniel, this is my wife Xrethis." said Xantheris. Daniel smiled. Life couldn’t get any better than this. He thought. friends and family, all living together. Joe came up onto a large rock, and said "What should we name this planet?" he looked around. "And what a planet it is. Lush green forests, why this might be even better than earth! It’s an improved replica!"Joe smiled, "So what should we name it, any ideas?" Joe looked around.Daniel stepped forward and said, "Terra Firma."And that was to be the planet they lived on, Daniel, with his foxes Xantheris, Xrethis, and Xerxes and his parents.The other Tor'Hitani went home to their planet after taking the humans to Terra Firma.The colony on Terra Firma grew in size to a small city, and that’s the way it stayed.No global warming, no lack of resources. Xantheris helped engineers build hover cars, that used magnetic energy to fly, and they released no carbon dioxide into the air. The planet stayed green and healthy, with beautiful sparkling oceans. The animals there were almost no different than the ones on earth. Humans lived a great life. And life continued on Terra Firma, the paradise of humans.

yay!! good for Matthew. I really liked this story, I hope you will too. yay!!. ok, I'm done.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

stuff, but mostly swimming.

hey peoples. betcha was wondering when I would post more, eh? no? well, I am. first, I enstalled the cbox, which means if you have a NICE message for me, please leave it there. ok, so, yeah. anyway, today I went swimming. it was lots of fun, except the safty day part. then we had to wear stupid life jackets. lol, I like the jackets when I'm on a boat or something, but not when I am simply jumping into the diving pool, which I dive into, without a life jacket, almost every day. lol. in my class there is :Matt F. I think the other guy, Matt P. dropped out, since I haven't seen him at all this week. there is also the Patrick dude, who is a teacher, but I think he also learns a lot from this class. =D isn't that good. =) he was telling me that I was talking to myself. like I didn't already know that!! lol. a lot of people think I'm crazy, but I'm not. when I talk to James or Charollette (my invisible friends), its because there really isn't anyone around who likes me, or likes me to talk to them, or I am just lonely, or I just need to talk. lol. =D but I have been called crazy three times today. its a record!! wow. lol. ok, I g2g eat luch.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

stuff, and.... ANOTHER AWARD!!

wow! thanks Cherry Diva! Its really pretty. I like the girl's dress. =-) and the, what is it, a dog? cat? well, I like the animal too. lol.

now on to the other stuff....

so, last night my bedroom flooded! arrghhh. so I was up an hour past my bedtime trying to move my stuff off the floor so my parents could clean the water up. thanks to them!!

oh, and one other thing. I am going to give out an award, finally! It has no words on it, but I created it, and I hope you like it. I'm going to give it to:

Neon Glitter, Linda, Kitty Cat/Catriona, Rachel, Vienna, Cherry Diva, Bunny, Sara, Jakethegreat2000, anyone else who is following my blog, and Robin. thanks a lot for reading my blog people!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

my teeth.

Aloha people! (Aloha is my random greeting of the week.) today I went to the orthidontist, and... I got my expander!! It's really neccessary, but I keep hurting my tongue on it. Ow. I also got a plaster cast of my upper jaw, and it is kinda creapy. Lol. We have also been re-arranging my bedroom. It looks a lot better now. we took the winky little bookcase out, which was really fat, and short, and we got a tall thin one instead. now I have a lot more floor space, and my books aren't falling onto the ground! Yay! I love books, if you haven't figured that out yet. And studying. except I don't like studying for the CLEP. I like to write reports. I'm listening to Hot 'N Cold right now. Its very good. lol. This is an extremely random post, isn't it. sorry. Well, yeah, I got my expander. Thats about it. I'll post more later.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I won an award, omigosh!!

thanks so much Rachel!!
yay me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random, random, RANDOM!!!

hola peoples!!!
so, today I went to six flags/ great america!! I went with Katie, Linda, Abi, and Robin, whose blog I read but I have never met before (she was really nice, just so you know. =). we went on a lot of rides. I went on :

the teacup whats-it-called ride
the raging bull (awesome ride)
the American eagle
the demon
a wet boat ride
the viper

and there might of been more, I'm not sure.
it was really fun though, and we ate a lot of cotton candy, and we walked a lot too.
now I'm going to sleep. Post More Later.

Friday, June 5, 2009

an all about me

I haven't done one of these for a while, but I decided to do one today.

"do you like" section.

Do you like skirts? depends, mostly not.
Do you like dresses? NO!!!!
Do you like pink? Hot pink, yes, light pink, not really.
Do you like sweat pants? Not to much.
Do you like short hair? on other people, sure, but I think I like long hair better on me.
Do you like fashion? not really, it changes to fast, and anyway, a lot of the fashions just look plain dumb.
Do you like to dance? not unless either
1. I am all alone in my room,
2. I am so tired and hyper I don't care about anything.

"What... "

What do you hate? Jerks who tell me to shut up, idiots, a messy room, not having done my homework, girly girls.
What do you love? Books, studying, friends.


fav. color: Purple and Orange
fav. books: right now, Ordinary princess and Maximum ride
fav. song(s): right now, so what and hot 'n cold, basically anything ABBA, and Material girl.
fav. animal: mongooses!!

if you have a blog, if you want to use this "all about me, me, me ", go ahead. =D

things to fill in

I got this off of Catriona's blog.
I live.... in the basement (thats where my room is)

I work.... a lot, my school is HARD.

I talk... alot, alot, lol, ask anyone who knows me...
I look... worse now that I cut my hair... (just kidding, although I really do want to grow it really long... longer than it was.)

I smell... I don't know! stop asking me these questions!

I hide... in my dinky little wardrobe, which I can barely fit into!

I pray... that I won't fail the CLEP!!!!

I walk... up and down the stairs at least ten times each day.

I can... play piano, cook, sew, spin, do math, read, baby sit, homework, text Trilly for two hours, etc.

I watch... not that much TV, I could be doing other things, like annoying my brother, or reading, or doing something useful!

I learn... all kinds of things in school which I probably will never use in real life.

I daydream... a lot!! about all kinds of stuff!

I want... MAXIMUM RIDE BOOKS!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I read... literally, anything, any time. I read road signs for Pete's sake!

I love... to type gibberish, listen to music, blog, duh, watch Harry Potter, read... etc.

I wonder... why blue is called blue, how language started. why is the sky blue and not hot pink? why my ipod switches songs when I tap it, etc. ( why people are total jerks sometimes)

I hurt... myself every morning trying to get upstairs for breakfast. I almost always run into a wooden rocking chair, or into the ladder for the reading loft.

I fear... that one day the sun will go, while I'm alive!

I hope... for a lot of things.

I eat... when I'm hungry

I drink... when I'm thirsty

I save... THE WORLD!!! (lol, just kidding.)

I hug... my friends.

I forgive... people a lot, probably more than I should.

I've learned... all kinds of things! like, addition. and subtraction. how about "what allowed settlers to move to the great plains?" (answer: barbed wire)

I have... all kinds of things which I really don't need, like random papers from magazines floating around in my bed room.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


so, I know Cat saw my new blog,
http://www.savetheworldandbegree.blogspot.com/, but I don't think that anyone else has seen it, so CHECK IT OUT!!!!! please!!!!
Correction: thank you Cat for alerting me, the link is actually www.savetheworldandbegreen.blogspot.com

thank you Cat!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


today, today, today. today I went to the orthidontist, and I went to the park. we actually went to the park after the orthidontist, but I want to start there, so I will. save the questions for comments. so, we got to the park, and there was no one there, which was pretty disapointing, considering it was a park day for petes sake. you see, in summer, starting in May, my homeschool group has park days, which everyone comes to a certain park, and we all play. well, there was no one there, but we figured we might as well play. so, we played for about ten minutes, and then these two kids, Andrew and Jessica, they and their mom drove up. They got out of the car, and so we played with them. now, Andrew is only Christina's age, and Jessica is Kenneth's, but who cares, right? well, I played with Jessica. she is such a sweet, nice, child, or should I say, sweet, nice, talkative, and energetic. whew, they say that a child needs an hour of exercise outside everyday? with Jessica, more like, five minutes running around with her, that would work just as well. anyway, so I ran around for her for one and one half hours, and then we went home, and my mom took a walk with the dog. now, the orthidontist part. so, first we went to the orthidontist. I really like them, their office is this used-to-be house, and so it has this nice porch and everything. we went inside, and they were basically ready for me. well, you know in most waiting rooms they have all those late editions of magazines? well, this one has those as well, but they also have a TV, and it had this cooking show. well, the other assistants, for lack of a better word, well, they were all sitting in the waiting room, watching the cooking show, it was almost like a living room, which was pretty awesome. anyway, we went upstairs, and the orthidontist took a look at my teeth. so, the news is, the week after next (I think), I will get an expander. three months later they add the braces. six months after that, they remove the expander. I don't know when they are going to add the braces for my lower jaw, but they will eventually. then I need the braces for about twenty six months. whew. that is a lot of typing. anyway, since it is about my bed time, and since my fingers are getting sore, I think I will stop there.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Hey everyone. I know, this is about my third post today, but I'm bored. OMIGOSH, my mom is making BBQ pork, and it smells like heaven! omigosh. I think we are going to watch a movie... I wonder, wait, its my turn to pick it out. lol....

six random things which make me feel good

I just now checked Neon Glitter/ Amber's blog, and I am going to do those six random things, right now! (mostly because I don't want to forget. =S)

1. A good book. Even if I have read it a thousand times (or so it seems), I always get scared when it's scary, and I Feel good when its happy.
2. rain. I know this sounds silly, but thunderstorms and rain make me feel safe.
3. little kids! I love little kids, and they love me! (seriously, I was at a park, and three little kids were following me around, just because I helped one of them climb onto a climbing rock)
4. my friends. Whether they are across the sea, like Amber and Vienna, or I see them almost once a week, like Cat and Sara, and sometimes Trilly, lol, I really like talking to, seeing, emailing, etc. them. ( I don't know whether Shelly is close to my house)
5. the piano. there is just something calming and happy about the piano. lol, thats also what I do when I'm angry. play the piano
6. shopping! especially shoes. I don't like the fashions right now, but Goodwill, and other places like that, where you never know what you are going to find, like, shell animals, or cool clothes, or just random barbie dolls with their hair cut off, its just fun. besides, better for the environment. oh, and DSW, shoes, I love that store!!!

so, now I suppose I have to tag people.
hmm, Trilly, ( trillythehomeschooler.blogspot.com ) or, she is on my blog list
Sara (also on my blog list)
Vienna (same)
Katie (same, although don't bother checking her blogs, she never posts.)